How to create a Github personal access token?

  1. Follow the Github official guide Creating a personal access token.

  2. Select corresponding scopes (you can unselect the admin:org part if you only need personal repos):

Got a blank page after cloning the repo, where do i write notes?

On the browser, Right click -> inspect, you should see the pictures as below:

Click the Clear site data button, and log in again. If it's not working, go to our discord group and tell us!

The browser redirects to the /diff page, what should I do?

Currently, the git bindings we are using only support git force push, it will alter your commits history, so be carefully! The other option is save all your local changes and Re-index your current repo.

I can't push or pull from GitHub, what should I do?

Click your user avatar and go to Settings, input a custom CORS proxy server.
See more at https://github.com/isomorphic-git/cors-proxy

How to export files?

  • Hover the sync status dot in the heading bar, it'll show something like this if you have any changed files:

  • Go to all files and click "Download" to download any file.

Will there be a self-hosted version available in future?

We're planning to have a html version which is similar to Tiddlywiki so that you can use it without networks. Also, there'll be a desktop app in the future.


A local-first knowledge base which can sync using Github.