Hi, welcome to Logseq.

Logseq is a local-only, non-linear, outliner notebook for organizing and
sharing your personal knowledge base.

Use it to organize your todo list, to write your journals, or to record your unique

The server will never store or analyze your private notes. Your data are
plain text files, we support both Markdown and Emacs Org mode for the time being. Even if the website is down or can't be maintained, your data is always yours.

Logseq is hugely inspired by Roam Research, Org Mode, Tiddlywiki and Workflowy, hats off to all of them!

Where are my notes saved?

Your notes will be stored in the local browser storage. We are using IndexedDB.

How do I use it?

1. Sync between multiple devices

Currently, we only support syncing through Github, more options (e.g.
Gitlab, Dropbox, Google Drive, WebDAV, etc.) will be added soon.

We are using an excellent web git client called isomorphic-git.

Step 1

Click the button Login with Github.

Step 2

Set your Github personal access token, the token will be encrypted and
stored in the browser local storage, our server will never store it.

If you know nothing about either Git or the personal access token, no worries,
just follow the steps here: https://logseq.com/blog/faq#How_to_create_a_Github_personal_access_token-3f-

Step 3

Start writing!

2. Use it locally (no need to login)

Just remember to backup your notes periodically (we'll provide export and import soon)!


  • Backlinks between [[Page]]s

  • Block embed

  • Page embed

  • Graph visualization

  • Heading properties

  • Datalog queries, the notes db is powered by Datascript

  • Custom view component

  • Document built-in supports:

    • Code highlights

    • Katex latex

    • Raw hiccup

    • Raw html

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A local-first knowledge base which can sync using Github.